According to the FBI, there are around 350,000 robberies each year in the United States, resulting in more than $400 million in losses.

A Robbery Every 40 Seconds


Employees who handle cash understandably live under the stress of knowing they could be looking down the barrel of a gun at any moment.The Violence Volcano


What the statistics don’t show is the pain, suffering and emotional trauma inflicted on the victims of these robberies, including innocent employees and customers.

Individuals often experience trauma-related symptoms in the aftermath of a robbery. The effects of a robbery usually have a rippling effect upon family members, friends, co-workers, and others.The Federal Bureau of Investigation


Unfortunately, in spite of the wonderful work done by our law enforcement agencies on a daily basis, less than three out of every ten robberies are ever solved. This is primarily due to difficulties in identification and obtaining sufficient evidence.

Although arrest is the primary risk to a robber, most do not believe they will be caught. Robberies that are not solved quickly are less likely to be solved at all.Center for Problem Oriented Policing

But now Evergreen Security provides a proven solution to the threat of robbery. One that not only deters robberies from occurring in the first place, but also clearly identifies the robber and provides very powerful evidence.

Meet the Sentry 500 DNA Tagging System.

The Sentry 500 has been shown to make robbers think twice about striking your business, dramatically reducing the threat of robbery.

If a robber does make that mistake, the Sentry 500 marks them with a DNA-based spray which gives police the clear identification they need to make a quick arrest and the evidence needed to get a conviction.

A powerful combination that stops robbers dead in their tracks.

Robberies are the most frequent cause of work-related homicide, and one of the leading causes of violent injury among workers, especially in the retail industry.U.S. Department of Labor

The Sentry 500 DNA Intruder Tagging System

Watch this short video to learn more about how the Sentry 500 can help you fight back against the threat of robbery and protect yourself, employees, customers and business.

Smart. Simple. Effective.

  • The robber enters.
  • The Sentry 500 is activated.
  • The robber is marked as he flees the scene.
  • Responding authorities ID and arrest.
  • The DNA mark is authenticated.
  • The robber is convicted.

Robbers and other criminals soon learn to leave you, your employees and your business alone.
The risk is simply too great.

Keep Robbers Away From You, Your Employees and Your Business.

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