Unlike other systems, you can talk with emergency dispatchers directly through your LifeSentry pendant.

At Evergreen Security, we see home security a little differently. Being safe and secure doesn’t just mean protecting you from criminals—it’s also about protecting you when you’re home alone.

That’s why we offer our personal emergency response system (PERS). With PERS at your side, you or your loved ones can live independently, in safety and security, knowing that if you have a medical or other emergency you can get help with the push of button.

life-sentry-pendant24-7 Help for Any Emergency

An Evergreen Security personal emergency response system offers seniors or those with disabilities (and their caregivers) the freedom of independence and unsurpassed peace of mind. With the  Evergreen Security PERS, help in an emergency is just the push of a button away, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in your home.

With its long-range capability and strong signal, your PERS protects you even when you’re outdoors in the garden.  Unlike other systems, with an Evergreen PERS you can talk with our emergency dispatch operators directly through your pendant. You don’t need to be in the same room as the base unit.

Freedom and Peace-of-Mind

For many people living alone, injuries or disability can mean the end of an independent lifestyle. But with Evergreen Security’s PERS, fear no longer has to mean loss of independence and freedom. A personal emergency response system means you or your loved one can live safely and securely, with the peace-of-mind of around-the-clock medical and health security monitoring. And our professional monitoring center can keep your medical condition on file, so in the event of an emergency critical and potentially life-saving information can be relayed to responding authorities.

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