Monitoring Services
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A Sense of Security Courtesy of Our Monitoring Services

An effective monitored security system can provide assistance 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year for your home or business.  With Evergreen Security monitoring services you can feel secure in the fact your home, family or business is in good hands and protected against burglary, fire and other emergencies whether you are on site or away.

Evergreen Security’s Monitoring Services Provide
Peace of Mind Through Enhanced Reliability

We provide the extra security and reliability of dual monitoring stations that are strategically located for maximum effectiveness.  These two redundant stations can operate individually or interchangeable to provide continuous, seamless and enhanced security monitoring to protect your home or business.  The individual stations are also set up for double redundancy with back-up receivers and phone services providing Quad Redundancy between the two stations.  We have you covered



Licensed Alarm Monitoring Agents

Our central stations hire only professionally trained, licensed alarm agents who utilize the most advanced technology to ensure the highest standard of service and reliability.  State‑of‑the‑art computer servers and sophisticated monitoring software identify incoming alarm signals, which allow operators to quickly and efficiently handle your alarm signal, and notify proper responding parties

Central Station Standard Monitoring Process

The standard monitoring process is shown below.  As set out to the right, customers have many options when setting up their account.  You decide what works best for you, your family and/or business.Monitoring Steps

Personalized & Flexible Monitoring Options

Your monitoring account revolves around your preferences, set up your dispatch procedures to fit your lifestyle or business profile.  Do you need to be notified immediately if a temperature alarm goes off?  When system is armed/disarmed and by who?  Our office personnel will work with you to set up your monitoring account and dispatch procedures to best suit your needs and the best part is you can always change your procedures by contact simply contacting our main office


Evergreen Security monitors a variety of systems and devices.  Below are just a few of our monitoring options.  Check them out and call us to get started with your system!

Residential and Commercial Security Monitoring for new or existing security systems.  Why upgrade if your system works efficiently, Evergreen Security can monitor your security panel, old or new!



Environmental Equipment Monitoring to include temperature (freezers, cold rooms, etc.), power, gas, toxic emissions, water level and more for both Residential and Commercial applications

Home Water

Server Temp

UL Listed Fire System Monitoring with multiple communications paths to include Cellular, IP and Landline Communications for both new installs and existing fire systems.


Cellular Fire Comm

PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems)  Customer Service Representatives that are specially trained in handling medical emergencies.  We offer home based units or a mobile unit that allows you to take it with you wherever you go.  Choose the one that fits your needs best.

Life Sentry2

Video Monitoring Your site is monitored by our professional response staff and includes services such as Video Alarm Verification; Video Escorts; Virtual Guard Tours


Elevator Monitoring with dedicated alarm operators ready to handle any emergency.  Monitoring is available for new and existing elevators, regardless of age.