Fleet Tracker is a GPS based vehicle tracking system that pays for itself over and over again by providing both real time and historic information about how and where the vehicles in your fleet are being used. Information that’s available anytime, from almost anywhere.

How Often Do You Wonder:

  • What took so long to make that delivery or perform that field service?
  • What time did your driver arrive at or leave a destination?
  • Where are my vehicles right now?
  • If your vehicles go home with the driver, where else do they go with your vehicle?

Fleet Managers Have Nightmares About Misuse of Their Vehicles:

  • The liability for a driver speeding or driving impaired in one of their vehicles.
  • Having an internal “competitor” using their vehicle, tools and fuel to do “side work”.
  • The vehicle’s signage becoming a liability rather than an asset, if spotted in inappropriate places.

These are just a few of the issues that the Fleet Tracker vehicle tracking solves for you! To learn more about Fleet Tracker, take some time to review the FAQ’s and Savings Calculator. We know that you, like thousands before you, will soon be asking how long it takes to get Fleet Tracker installed on your entire fleet.

For more information and a free demonstration of the Fleet Tracker vehicle tracking system at work, call us now at 1-800-466-3850 or click here to have us call you at your convenience.