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Fuel Savings Factors:

Number of Vehicles

Fleet's Average MPG

Average Monthly Mileage (per vehicle)

Current Fuel Price

Estimated Vehicle Miles Savings % (Industry Averages 10-20%)

Est Monthly Fuel Savings:

Estimated Vehicle Miles Saved

Est Vehicle Miles Savings/Fleet Avg MPG = Est Savings/ Vehicle in Gal.

Gallons Saved per Vehicle X Current Fuel Price =Fuel $ Saved / Vehicle

Mo Savings Per VehicleX # of Vehicles = Fuel $ Saved Per Fleet

Payroll Savings Factors:

Number of Drivers

Monthly Hrs Per Driver

Avg Hourly Wage

Estimated Time Saving % per Driver(Industry Averages 5-10%)

Est Monthly Payroll Savings:

Monthly Hours Per Driver / Estimated Time % = Hours Saved Per Driver

Hours Saved Per Driver X Avg Hourly Wage = $$ Saved Per Driver

Monthly Savings per Driver X # Drivers = Payroll $$ Saved per Fleet

Your Total Calculated Fleet Gross Savings Per Month


Fleet Tracker Investment:

Monthly Fleet Tracker Investment:


Your Calculated Net Savings in the First 36 Months:


Remember, this calculator only computes the minimum financial savings you will receive by using Fleet Tracker on your vehicles!

What is incalculable is the value of your increased productivity, of knowing that your vehicles are being used when and where and how they should be for their intended purposes and knowing that your responsible employees are protected from false allegations or even unwarranted suspicions.

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