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Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring

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Fleet Tracker offers real-time and historical web based GPS tracking solutions for both commercial and private consumers.  Whether you have a fleet of 50 construction vehicles or one new teenage driver, Fleet Tracker can work for you.

Making Fleet Management a breeze, Fleet Tracker provides detailed monitoring of vehicle movement, idle times, speeds and more.  Allows you to customize the system specifically for your business or family.  With Fleet Tracker you can verify location of any vehicle or all vehicles at any time in real-time or select a past date/time to view location and route. The system will maintain records of speed, distance traveled, time between trips, idle time and more.  You can also set boundaries and receive notifications if a vehicle goes outside that area.  The myriad of options with the Fleet Tracker System are endless.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking and Trip Replay

Check on your vehicles in real-time or review daily, weekly trips.  View one vehicle or your entire fleet at the same time.  There are five different maps views available and you can switch between them while viewing in real-time or in replay mode.  See the images on the right to view samples.

Standard:   Displays vehicles on basic street map

Terrain:  Displays vehicles on street map with elevations (terrain)

Satellite:  Displays vehicles on 2D satellite map

Hybrid:  Displays vehicles in Satellite view w/standard streep map overlay

Click on Image below to see complete Real-Time Images – Amazing

Fleet Tracker – Trip Replay

Fleet Tracker monitor speeds, routes traveled, time spent at a site and more; making it an effective tool to monitor a family car or a fleet of trucks.  View a specific vehicle in zoom mode or those whole fleet and their locations around the state or country! The options are endless.  View the video below and then call us now for your free Consultation & Demonstration

Fleet Tracker Log Book

Click on the Images above to see full pages of the Fleet Tracker Log

The logbook clearly displays all the important information of a vehicle’s trips and position history.

You can easily switch from daily, weekly and monthly views and based on the view see the summary statistics.

Viewing in daily mode will allow you to see when a driver arrived and left a particular stop and how long it took him to arrive at his next stop.  The log will also show you speed traveled and whether or not the vehicle went over the posted speed limit.

From the log book screen you can see when a vehicle has idling for too long.  From this screen you can also choose to view the vehicle in real time on the map or have the program display the route taken for the day or for a particular trip.

The log book is an valuable resource for tracking vehicle movement.

Tracking Vehicle Expenses

Track vehicle expenses within Fleet Tracker keeping you up to date on costs of operation.  Expenditures such as fule and maintenance can be entered into the system manually by the user or setup to be automatically imported from data files of electronic payment systems


Restrict Vehicle Movement with Geo-Fencing

Adding a Geo-Fence is a good way to insure vehicles are not taken out of a certain area.  You can set the system to alert you if a vehicle leaves a designated area.  Put a Geo-Fence around your business at night to confirm no vehicles leave the premise!

Geo Fencing

Evergreen Security’s Fleet Tracker GPS Software makes Fleet Management a breeze and will pay for itself over and over. Reduced fuel costs, unauthorized vehicle use, trip planning and more. Contact us today for your free consultation and demonstration.

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