What is Fleet Tracker?

Fleet Tracker is a GPS (Global Positioning System) based vehicle tracking system that provides real time information about a vehicle’s location, and combines it with state of the art mapping systems and user friendly internet based software, to provide a multitude of easy to understand reports about how your vehicle is being used. These reports include all of the following and much more:

  • Current location of your vehicles
  • Google maps of every trip your vehicles make
  • Alerts when your vehicles are used outside of the area or time that you specify
  • Estimated Fuel Use
  • Estimated Fuel Efficiency
  • Alerts for Required Maintenance
  • Records of Maintenance Performed

Who should use Fleet Tracker?

Anyone with one or more vehicles driven by others.

Why should I use Fleet Tracker?

For many of the same reasons smart businesses use CCTV … and more!

  1. To manage situations where you cannot always be present. Fleet Tracker lets you “ride with the driver” all of the time.
  2. To protect your responsible drivers from false accusations. Fleet Tracker provides proof that your driver was where he says he was, when he says he was.
  3. To deter driver misbehavior. Your drivers will know that they are being monitored, and therefore will not be tempted to take side trips on your time, or use the vehicle in unauthorized ways on personal time.  Average and maximum speeds are reported for each trip, and special alerts can be sent if the vehicle exceeds your specified maximum speed.
  4. To save fuel. Unauthorized use of your vehicle, whether for a side trip or a weekend, means theft of your fuel.
  5. To save time. Side trips on company time means theft of company time.
  6. To save on insurance. Insurance companies typically offer discounts from 15% to as much as forty percent.
  7. To make money be increasing productivity. Trip logs provide exact information on how long each trip took—important information about how your employee is spending your time.
  8. To protect your business. These days businesses have to run smarter and more efficiently just to survive.

How much does Fleet Tracker cost?

Fleet Tracker doesn’t cost… it saves! There are no vehicle parts or installation costs for Fleet Tracker; we provide and install the electronics in your vehicles for free. There are no computer hardware or software installation problems or costs; you can access and use our internet-based software from any computer, anywhere in the world with internet access. You pay only a monthly lease/service fee of $54 per vehicle for the use of our electronics and software. Since our software is internet-based, there are no updates required and no charges for later software enhancements. We are continually adding features and benefits to our system at no additional cost to you.

Use our Fleet Tracker Savings Calculator, to predict in a matter of minutes how much you will save each month, and each year.

How can I learn more about Fleet Tracker?

Call us now at 1-800-466-3850 or click here to have us call you at your convenience. We will arrange to have a representative give you a live demonstration of Fleet Tracker at work on Evergreen Security’s own fleet of vehicles.