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We carefully and expertly custom design home security solutions that meet the specific needs of each and every family and home owner in the Northwest.


Now you can combine the peace-of-mind of a home security system with the convenience and cost savings of residential home automation in a single system.

Business Security Systems

Evergreen Security has the specialized knowledge to design and install a security system for your business that will give you unmatched peace-of-mind and reliability.


In addition to state-of-the-art protection, an Evergreen Security system can also help you control costs, improve efficiency and better manage your business.

DW Cameras

An experienced and professional Evergreen Security consultant will carefully design a customized video surveillance system to address your specific situation and needs.

Access Control Systems

An Evergreen Security access control system gives you the ability to minimize the risk of loss while protecting your facilities, employees, sensitive information and assets.


With PERS at your side you or your loved ones can live independently, in safety and security, knowing that in an emergency you can get help with the push of button.


Our team of highly-trained dispatch professionals monitor your security system every minute of every day, ready to spring into action the moment a signal is received.


Fleet Tracker is a GPS based vehicle tracking system that provides real time and historic information about how and where the vehicles in your fleet are being used.


What Our Clients Say...

  • Thank you for walking me through the Code-22 smoke alarm reset today. I’m happy we could get this done before we leave.  Thanks for the great customer service!–Bill Kostizak

  • Rob and I think Sean is great. He is very professional, knowledgeable and just a great technician.–Gina Frankele

  • I recently had Evergreen Security replace my smoke detector after having it go off for no reason. I talked with Lisa who coordinated someone to come right away. The technician was here in 20 minutes, installed the new smoke detector and was out the door. The whole experience was a half hour! The technician was polite, professional and funny. Great Guy and great company.–Kla Ha Ya Village Apts

  • We appreciate working with a solid local company whose people we have come to know, trust and rely upon. –The A Family

  • Thank you!!!  You are awesome!!! –Debbie, Everett, WA

  • The Evergreen Security installation team is second to none, recently completing an installation for us ahead of schedule and on budget.  They keep our facilities safe and secure and I look forward to working with them for many more years.–Lynn Ishmael, Giddens Industries

  • Evergreen has been wonderful to work with, Sarah Murray has been a particular delight. They provided good service at a reasonable price, better than two other companies we received quotes from. They were always available and helpful in answering our concerns and questions and providing services above and beyond what I expected of them. I would recommend them to anyone looking to install theft or fire alarm.–Nina J

  • Evergreen Security has always been courteous and responsive with our requests.  We have been a customer for over 15 years.  We would highly recommend Evergreen Security!–Dee Hammer

  • Thanks Evergreen, your representatives, technicians and support groups are fantastic. All of you helped me figure out my current system, and then did a very professional job on installing my new security system.  Thanks for putting the customer first!–Al B, Bellevue WA

  • Evergreen Security has provided my company with excellent service for over a decade.  The technicians are knowledgeable and efficient and Lisa S has always provided me with amazing customer service and quick solutions to any issues that have come up... With all of today's online and do it yourself options, it is nice to have personalized service and an actual body at the other end of the line. I highly recommend Evergreen Security for all of your security needs.–Monica-RTS, Everett WA

  • We are very impressed with Evergreen Security. They are professional, experts in their field and provide excellent customer service...What a relief to find a local company thats good at what they do - in such an important field - protecting our family and what we have built - who also treat their customers exceptionally well...its a weight off our minds. And that is worth a lot.–Karen F, Brier WA